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Three Big Reasons to Choose Audiology on Call

#1 – IN HOME Hearing Care

Offering Convenient, Affordable, Concierge Style Hearing Care. In today’s world, nobody wants to sit in busy waiting rooms or travel across town to receive high levels of hearing care. 

‘Audiology on Call’ was developed to allow Atlanta to receive the highest levels of audiological care at their convenience, with a local hearing care expert traveling to your home, office or place of work to deliver the most convenient hearing healthcare in Georgia.

Why would you do it any other way?

#2 – Lower Overheads Mean That You Benefit from Significant Savings

As our team do not have a central office and all the associated costs, you’re able to benefit from those savings, allowing you to step into better hearing and receive advanced audiological care for significantly less than you would be expected to pay elsewhere.

This means that you can benefit from not only great technology, but huge expertise from a team of experts that have helped thousands of local people to achieve better hearing.

#3 – Transparent & Honest … Nothing to Hide

Whereas many hearing care practices have confusing pricing packages, bundles of services that result in you paying for things that you don’t need and very little transparency to what you’re actually paying for … we’re different.

By helping people to achieve better hearing, we’ve been able to develop a process that is both convenient for you and delivers the best long-term results.

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Meet Your Mobile Experts

Stephany Headshot

Stephany Sun, Au.D., CCC-A

Dr. Stephany Sun, Au.D. - Former Top Producing Factory Rep and Doctor of Audiology for the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world.

Jenna Headshot

Jenna Ahdaya, HIS

Jenna Ahdaya is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist that has been working in the industry for 4 years.She was trained in clinic under Dr. Sun for 2.5 years before....

Kelli Smith, Au.D., FAAA

Kelli Smith, Au.D., FAAA

Dr. Kelli G. Smith is an Audiologist that has been helping thousands of hearing-impaired people in the Greater North Fulton area improve their lives through better hearing since 1995.

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