Hearing loss is a hidden disability that can significantly affect an individual’s quality of life. It is estimated that approximately 48 million Americans have some degree of hearing loss. In most cases, signs of hearing loss are subtle and go unrecognized for several years, causing significant life-disrupting changes. The longer a person goes without any intervention, the greater the risk for negative outcomes. We want to highlight some of the early signs of hearing loss and explain the consequences of leaving hearing loss untreated. If you suspect that you or a family member may be suffering from hearing loss, schedule an appointment with hearing care experts in Atlanta, Audiology on Call, for a comprehensive assessment.

What are the Signs of Hearing Loss?

One of the keys to early detection of hearing loss is recognizing the early signs. The most obvious signs include:

  • hearing-care-experts-atlanta-conversationAsking people to repeat themselves often
  • Turning up the volume on electronics
  • Experiencing difficulty following conversations in noisy environments
  • Having difficulty hearing high-pitched sounds such as birds singing.

Other signs could be difficulty understanding spoken words or the sounds that people make when they speak, or trouble distinguishing speech from noise. Anyone who experiences these signs should schedule an appointment with a hearing care professional as soon as possible to discuss these issues.

Why Does Hearing Loss Matter?

Untreated hearing loss can have severe and life-long consequences on every aspect of life. The most obvious consequence is that it limits social interactions and communication with friends and family. Being deprived of communication can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression, and a lack of social engagement can result in cognitive decline. The subtle effects of untreated hearing loss also include the development of anxiety, stress, and often low self-esteem.

In addition to that, untreated hearing loss is commonly linked to the risk of falls, particularly among seniors. Reduced hearing can affect their sense of balance, making it challenging to maintain balance while standing or walking, leading to an increased risk of falls. With the elderly, hearing loss also affects cognitive function, making it difficult to process auditory information and making even mundane tasks difficult.

hearing-care-experts-atlanta-schoolFurthermore, untreated hearing loss can impact education and employment opportunities. Children who don’t recognize early signs of hearing loss may face difficulties in school, and lack of hearing ability can impair skills necessary to excel, such as speech, reading, and comprehension skills. In adults, untreated hearing loss is known to affect their ability to perform in job-related activities, leading to a diminished work performance and suboptimal quality of work life.

How Does Hearing Loss Affect Quality of Life?

Lastly, the adverse impact of leaving hearing loss untreated has been recognized as a public health problem. Studies show that untreated hearing loss often leads to a loss of earnings as a result of job difficulties or absenteeism. Additionally, since it is linked to many other health problems, including dementia, depression, and anxiety disorders, untreated hearing loss can lead to increased health care costs.

Audiology on Call Sends Hearing Care Experts Right to Your Home!

In conclusion, the early detection and intervention of hearing loss is essential to reduce the long-term effects of hearing loss on people’s lives. By being aware of the early signs, individuals with hearing loss can seek professional help and appropriate treatment. For those who already have untreated hearing loss, it is never too late to seek help. Audiology on Call has a staff made up of the best hearing care experts in Atlanta that will come right to your home for an assessment. Call us at (833) 244-3275 or contact us online to schedule a consultation today!


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