We Also Offer You the Ultimate Convenience of Virtual Appointments

Self-isolation, COVID-19 protocols, health, and other scheduling problems related to a physical face-to-face appointment are not always a workable solution, regardless of where they take place. Audiology On Call also addresses this challenge by offering virtual appointments.

Technology has had a major impact on how we communicate in the twenty-first century. Our cell phone is within reach at all times, video conferencing allows businesses to conduct meetings with management and employees on different continents, long-distance relationships are commonplace, and people are able to consult with their physicians through tele-medicine appointments.

When an in-home appointment is an inconvenience, Tele Audiology makes it possible to receive the same level of care from your hearing professional as a physical face-to-face appointment.

What Is Tele Audiology?

Instead of a physical appointment at your home, “Tele Audiology” allows you and your hearing professional to connect for a face-to-face conversation using your computer, cell phone, or tablet. Like our in-home consultations, Tele Audiology helps overcome social distancing and self-isolation challenges as well as those involved with scheduling, traveling, or finding a substitute caretaker for dependents.

There are several additional benefits to Tele Audiology. It also allows you to connect with your hearing professional whenever you are out of town to visit family, for business reasons, or while enjoying a seaside resort vacation.

Tele Audiology has also made it easier for you to encourage a reluctant loved one with hearing care concerns to consult with a hearing care professional without feeling intimidated.

Tele Audiology provides hearing aid wearers with advantages as well as allowing them to receive the needed support for adjustments, maintenance, or just a bit of encouragement from your hearing professional regardless of where you are.

To top things off, many modern hearing aids include a built-in remote programming feature, which allows your hearing professional to maximize the performance of your device from a remote location.

How Does a Tele Audiology Appointment Work?

Tele Audiology appointments are as easy to set up as scheduling any other appointment with us – and maybe easier. Here are the simple steps involved in a Tele Audiology consultation:

#1 – Submit Our “Schedule A Tele Audiology Appointment” Form

Filling out our “Schedule A Tele Audiology Appointment” form and submitting it starts the process. One of our patient care specialists will receive your request and then contact you to schedule your appointment.

#2 – We Will Send You a Confirmation Email

After setting the date and time that fits your schedule, your patient care specialist will send you a confirmation email. In addition to serving as a reminder for your appointment, the email will include information related to setting up and testing the camera and microphone on the device you will use for the appointment. Finally, the email will have the link needed to connect for your Tele Audiology appointment.

#3 – Connect With Your Hearing Professional

When your scheduled date and time arrive, you simply click on the link provided in the email to connect via tele-conferencing for the face-to-face consultation with your hearing professional.

#4 - No-Obligation Initial Consultations

Our initial consultations are a no-obligation service we provide to non-patients. Our initial consultations last around 30 minutes and allow us to address the concerns and reservations you or a loved one might have in relation to hearing loss and the various treatment options. If testing is something you wish to pursue, then we will assist you in scheduling a hearing assessment.

#5 - Troubleshooting and Advice For Existing Patients

Our existing patients can also take advantage of Tele Audiology in order to receive face-to-face troubleshooting advice for your hearing aids, remote programming assistance, or to have other concerns addressed by your hearing care provider, just as if you were physically sitting right in front of them.

Schedule A
Virtual Appointment

Whether you are a new or an existing patient, hearing care is an important element in maintaining your overall health and requires attention even when there are some challenges involved with scheduling an in-home appointment.

With Tele Audiology, you have an alternative means to continue receiving the high-level of hearing care you require wherever you are.

Fill out and submit our form to schedule your Virtual appointment.