Guiding Your Loved One to Consider Hearing Aids

The holidays are quickly approaching, which likely means you will be spending time with your family soon. This heart-warming season is loved by many, as families reunite, share meals, and make new memories together. In some cases, these gatherings may have you notice that a certain loved one is experiencing difficulties hearing. This may be concerning and may bring upon opportunities to have the tricky conversation of suggesting hearing aids to a person you love dearly. It may not be easy, but the hearing care professionals of Audiology on Call—serving Metro Atlanta, including Roswell, GA—have shared a few tips below on how to handle this situation.

5 Steps for Suggesting Hearing Aids

1. Do Your Researchaudiology roswell ga

The first course of action when suggesting hearing aids for your loved one is to know what you are talking about. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the benefits of hearing aids and how they can make a positive difference in your loved one’s life. In addition to the facts, you may also want to read some success stories to learn how hearing aids make a practical difference. Understand why it is important before approaching your loved one with the topic of hearing aids.

2. Get Support from Others

If your loved one is experiencing hearing loss, it may affect the whole family. Consider how often an everyday conversation is interrupted because your loved one could not hear properly. Being misheard or having to repeat yourself a few times may be normal depending on the environment, but experiencing consistent difficulties when having a conversation is an issue. If left unaddressed, it may impact certain relationships or cause your loved ones to feel like they are no longer as close to others as they once were. Point being, this should be important to many of your family members, so having support from other relatives may be beneficial.

3. Come from a Place of Love

It can be hard to hear advice from loved ones. If approached in an unloving manner, your suggestion may be received negatively. Remember the reason why this is important to you—your loved one means the world to you, and you would want nothing more than for them to be comfortable and feel loved. Be compassionate, intentional, and gentle when discussing the possibility of hearing aids with your loved one. And of course, choose an appropriate, non-confrontational time and place to have this conversation.

4. Be Encouragingaudiology roswell ga

The idea of hearing aids may be overwhelming for some. Imagining all the appointments, costs, and other uncertainties may discourage your loved one from pursuing hearing aids. For that reason, reassure them that this is a worthwhile investment to look into. Be supportive by making yourself available for any appointments or other logistical tasks as your schedule allows. If you are in a position to do so, you may also want to consider offering financial assistance, though this is usually not expected. In any case, let your loved one know they are not alone. Make it known that you and other family members are there for them when needed most.

5. Find a Professional

When considering hearing aids, it is highly advised to go about it the proper way. You may be tempted to buy over-the-counter hearing aids as an affordable option, but that may end up costing you more in the long run. A hearing care professional will be able to accurately diagnose your loved one’s needs, pairing them with equipment that is best suited for their condition. Additionally, a hearing care professional will also be able to assist with tuning the equipment for the best results. Seeing an audiologist—such as Audiology on Call, serving Metro Atlanta, including Roswell, GA—is the wise choice when seeking hearing aid equipment.

Make the Right Call

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