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The active lifestyle you treasure, such as paddling or tubing the Chattahoochee, is available in abundance in and around Duluth. Its small-town feel combined with its big-city amenities means that those experiencing a hearing loss are never far away from receiving the expert hearing care they need to keep going.

Receiving the hearing care that keeps you connected with the world around you can be a challenge due to scheduling, travel, and other hassles related to attending an in-office appointment in Atlanta. Audiology On Call makes things easier for Duluth, GA residents by bringing our expert hearing care direct to your door.

You can expect the same hearing care services from our mobile professionals as are common with in-office appointments, such as hearing assessmentshearing aid fittingshearing aid tune-ups, and hearing aid repair, while observing strict health and safety guidelines and protocols.

Whether you receive treatment for hearing loss or tinnitus, or you take advantage of our repair services, we ensure your health and safety by observing strict sanitation protocols. In the event that an in-home visit is inconvenient, Duluth residents can take advantage of a virtual consultation with an Audiology On Call hearing care expert as well.

A Hearing Assessment: The First Step On Your Better Hearing Journey

The misguided idea that putting off seeking help until it becomes a real problem contributes to the millions of people who continue their lives with an undiagnosed hearing loss and miss out on a better quality of life. Some also struggle with an irritating ringing or buzzing sound known as tinnitus, which leads to increased stress, anxiety, sleep loss, and a range of adverse health conditions.
A hearing assessment by a professional audiologist is the first step in the process of identifying the cause and severity of your condition so we can design a treatment plan that meets your specific needs. If you or a loved one is experiencing any type of hearing challenges, your first step on your journey to better hearing is to schedule a hearing assessment in your Duluth home.

Meet Your Mobile Experts

Stephany Sun, Au.D., CCC-A

Dr. Stephany Sun, Au.D. – Former Top Producing Factory Rep and Doctor of Audiology for the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world.

Jenna Ahdaya, HIS

Jenna Ahdaya is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist that has been working in the industry for 4 years.She was trained in clinic under Dr. Sun for 2.5 years before….

Kelli Smith, Au.D., FAAA

Dr. Kelli G. Smith is an Audiologist that has been helping thousands of hearing-impaired people in the Greater North Fulton area improve their lives through better hearing since 1995.

Duluth, GA Has Access to Advanced Hearing Aid Technology

When you think of hearing aids, those bulky, ugly, and frustrating contraptions of your parents or grandparents probably come to mind. Just like all forms of modern technology, today’s hearing aids are much more advanced than they were a few decades ago.

In addition to being a lighter weight, smaller, and more discrete to wear, modern hearing aids are incredibly powerful with the capacity to provide noise reduction and fantastic clarity. An added advantage of today’s technology is the capacity to directly link your hearing aids to digital devices, such as your smartphone, television, or computer, for an enhanced hearing experience.

Audiologist showing patient a hearing aid
Audiologist visiting patient's home

Hearing Aid Tune-Up and Repair Experts

Unlike many hearing aid vendors, our main objective is making certain that you get the best possible performance from your device. So, Duluth residents can call on us for ongoing troubleshooting support, maintenance, and regular tune-ups.

Our team of hearing aid specialists has many years of experience working with a broad range of manufacturers and models in order to ensure that the hearing devices of hundreds of people throughout the Atlanta area perform as designed.

Audiology On Call Provides a No Contact, Virtual Solution

Although our in-home consultations overcome many of the challenges you face, there are times when self-isolation for a variety of health reasons or scheduling issues make coming to your Duluth home inconvenient. Our tele-audiology allows you access to your audiologist by using teleconferencing technology and your smartphone, tablet, or PC whenever a no-contact, virtual solution is your best option.
Virtual appointment

Schedule Your At-Home Hearing Assessment

Your first vital step toward regaining the independent and rewarding lifestyle you are missing due to hearing loss is a hearing assessment.

If you or a loved one do not seem to be hearing as well as you used to, schedule a comprehensive hearing assessment, which our mobile hearing professional will conduct in the comfort of your home.

Complete the form on this page or call us at (833) 244-3275 and one of our friendly team will arrange a convenient time for your assessment.

Hear What Sherry & Jim Have To Say About Their Experience

“It was good to know that I could get the same quality hearing aids as my wife for probably half what I would have to pay through an office structure, and that kind of sealed the deal.”

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