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At Signia, our mission is enhancing human performance. We put hearing aid wearers first as we develop newer, more powerful technologies to help people better hear the world around them. The latest technological advancements with the Signia exclusive augmented focus technology are now available in a contactless rechargeable custom hearing aid design introducing nco charging go hearing aids. This is the world’s first, and it’s changing how you hear the world, and that changes everything. Augmented focus technology delivers outstanding speech clarity by separating sounds like the conversation you’re in from surrounding sounds like the noises around you, pulling focus sounds closer and surrounding sounds a bit further apart keeps you in the conversation while keeping you completely aware of background noises but not distracted by them. A recent study shows 95 percent of wearers using augmented focus report exceptional speech understanding in their home environment. Augmented focus even adapts to differing environments, from quiet spots to places that are noisier, automatically adjusting acoustic settings and maximizing audibility. As you go about living your life, you can experience the unparalleled technology of augmented experience and augmented focus with new nco charge and go ax only from Signia. These small modern hearing aids are custom-made to fit your ear canal for maximum comfort and wearability with easy handling charging and innovative technology that allows for up to 24 hours of use on a single charge. Your nco charging go ax hearing aids are always ready when you are, and with Bluetooth streaming on iPhone and Android devices, it’s easy to stream everything from your favorite music to your favorite movies but what really matters is how you feel when you experience nco charging go ax with augmented experience be better connected to your world and all the wonderful sounds around you enhance your performance with Signia and co charging go ax to learn more talk to your hearing care professional today.

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