The laughter of children playing, the wind whistling through the Georgia pines, and bird songs are just a few of the sounds that enrich your quality of life. Besides missing these sounds, untreated hearing loss contributes to cognitive decline, depression, anxiety, and strained relationships with family, friends, and co-workers.

Getting help with hearing loss has an enormous effect on living a more active, independent, and rewarding lifestyle.

So, why do so many people with a hearing loss wait years before they schedule that crucial first appointment?

It’s Hard To Identify

Southern adages about watching grass grow and paint dry are pretty common in the Atlanta area. Hearing loss comes on at a pace that is even slower than either one of these, which is among the reasons that people spend an average of ten years with an untreated hearing loss before they realize that they are struggling to hear.

Loved ones often recognize the problem well in advance as the individual with a hearing loss struggles to hear in a busy restaurant, turns the TV up too loud, or says, “Huh?” or, “What’d you say?” with greater frequency. 

“I Don’t Need No Rockin’ Chair.”

Just like the Possum’s song, many people associate hearing loss and hearing aids with being old, washed up and destined for the rockin’ chair.

This stigma causes many people to worry about what other people will think about them if they seek help for hearing loss. So much has changed in recent decades where hearing aids are concerned. Advanced digital technology has allowed manufacturers to provide greater sound clarity and performance in smaller packages with streaming capabilities that drastically alter those outdated stigmas.

Avoiding The Expense

Individuals who recognize they have a hearing problem and aren’t influenced by outdated stigmas often put off investing in hearing aids and hearing care because they can’t afford them.

We understand this concern because we know that the technology, technical support, and follow-up care associated with hearing aids require a significant financial commitment.

However, more and more insurance providers are coming around to realize that early treatment for hearing loss is a factor in preventing other more costly health issues.

Besides, an investment in hearing aids is crucial to enjoying a more satisfying quality of life, which motivates many wearers to come up with the funds however they are able. 

Get an Early Start on Your Journey to Better Hearing

Hearing loss doesn’t mean that you’re broken, used up, and ready for the rockin’ chair. It just means that you have lived a full, rewarding lifestyle.

With a little help, through hearing care, you can continue to enjoy the life-enriching sounds you are missing due to hearing loss while holding off mental, physical, and emotional health issues caused by leaving your condition untreated.

The team and I at Audiology On Call want you to live the quality of life you treasure, and we believe that the sooner you get started, the better.

If you or a loved one in the Atlanta area wants to start your journey to better hearing, take a critical first step by contacting us to schedule an appointment.

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