Hearing Loss Stories


 I had absolute comfort with her coming into my house.
I was very, very impressed with her professionalism


With her mother profoundly deaf and her sister also hard of hearing, Ena was concerned about hearing loss. Keen to maintain her hearing for as long as possible, she did her research and came across Dr. Kelli Smith.

After booking an initial hearing assessment, she was amazed by the spectacular service that Dr. Kelli delivered. The first thing she noticed was that, unlike elsewhere, Dr. Kelli did not coerce her into sales or try to ‘sell’ her hearing aids but gave her informed advice and helped to give her an overall update of her hearing health.

Ena added: “She said to me, after a thorough examination, that I was really within the normal spectrum for somebody my age and that I didn’t need hearing aids at the time.

“I was really pleased about it, but I was pretty sure she didn’t want to magically say yes this is what we need now to charge you large amounts of money and we’ll go from there.”

Like many others, Ena found that her hearing was starting to filter into her work life stating: “I was still in business, so it was very important to me that I didn’t lose points in a meeting.

Upon scheduling a second consultation 3 years later, Dr. Kelli listened to her concerns, tested her hearing and recommended a hearing device that would be best suited to her lifestyle.  What Ena was truly impressed by was Dr. Kelli’s mobile service, which offered a safe way for her to have her hearing checked regularly while keeping costs low.

“Dr. Kelli always wears a mask and I had absolute comfort with her coming into my house. I was very, very impressed with her professionalism, it was a total comfort for me.”

When asked what her advice would be to someone else who is hesitant to take the first step towards better hearing, she said: “Consider what your hearing loss requirements are, mine was invisibility, I didn’t want my hearing inability to be noticed by anyone.

“You should also consider how hearing might affect you in ways – perhaps, dementia. It’s been proven that hearing loss can have a direct correlation to dementia. I was very consumed by that.”

Referencing her own struggles, Ena adds: “Unless you have a test, you do not know how much hearing loss you have or not. “When I was sent away three years ago it became extremely apparent to me that I needed help. Did I was to have hearing aids? No. But I’m so glad I have”

Did I want hearing aids?  No !  However I am now so pleased that I have them.

– Ena H.

 The level of service you get doesn’t compare

At Audiology on Call, we deal with many couples and families who have had to deal with the extent of their loved one’s hearing loss.

In some cases, it can be largely overwhelming and hard to bear. But for this couple, it worked in their favor.

While Sherry was the first out of the two to recognize her hearing loss, the improvement in her hearing acted as a catalyst for the couple.

Not only did it highlight the remarkable difference hearing aids can make, but it also uncovered the weaknesses in Jim’s hearing, which came to the surface while they were watching TV.

This presented an unusual conflict, which meant that Jim couldn’t hear when Sherry had her hearing aids in, stating, “When my wife got hearing aids from Kelli, all of a sudden the TV was down so low I couldn’t hear it!

“Her hearing loss is much greater than mine. When she did have her hearing aids in, I couldn’t hear the TV.

“Our kids would come over and say, ‘Why do you have the TV so loud?’”

When it came to buying hearing aids, Jim was most conscious of their appearance and opted to purchase his hearing aids online.

While these may have worked as a ‘quick fix’, soon after, he recognized that they were not suited to his hearing loss concerns and he required more attention to treat his condition.

Jim adds: “When I would use a headset, it felt like a bug was in my ear all the time. It just wasn’t what I thought it would be.

“I came to the conclusion that the vanity wasn’t nearly as big a deal as it being comfortable and high quality.”

Recognizing Jim’s struggles, Sherry soon recommended Dr. Kelli Smith at Audiology on Call, who followed a methodological process looking into his hearing, rather than supplying a one-size-fits-all hearing aid.

“I immediately said, ‘Go see Dr. Smith right away, she’s amazing.’ He wasn’t convinced at first, but then he understood what I was talking about,” Sherry explains.

When Dr. Kelli visited Jim, he was overwhelmed with the authentic service she provided, and soon his opinion on hearing aids changed.

He says, “With the times we’re going through with COVID, it was good to hear that somebody with her experience and background would come to your home and that she could basically perform everything that she could perform in the office.

“It was a good experience to know that I could get the same quality hearing aids as my wife for probably half what I would have to pay through an office structure, and that kind of sealed the deal.”

Jim was most impressed by the attention to detail at Audiology on Call, which created a whole new patient-focused experience.

He notes, “There’s a difference between having somebody in your home doing your tests versus somebody doing a test on a computer that’s hundreds or thousands of miles away. It’s not the same.

“The level of service you get doesn’t compare, and the price is very close.

Jim encourages anyone else in his position to look into the different hearing aid options available and work out what works best for you, instead of guessing. He praises how well Dr. Kelli resolved his hearing loss concerns and found a hearing aid that worked perfectly to his needs.

While the first step toward better hearing can be intimidating, Sherry praises Dr. Kelli, who made her feel at ease every step of the way throughout her hearing journey.

“As far as how she runs her exams, it’s so thorough,” she recalls. “It can be an intimidating process, but she – with her humor, her knowledge, and her patience – helps you get through that tedious testing and explains everything along the way so you’re comfortable.”

My Life is So much Better!

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