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A Hearing Aid Tune-Up Ensures Peak Performance of Your Device

Having your devices regularly cleaned, maintained, and optimized is important for keeping your hearing aids working to their fullest potential.

When the performance of your device begins to decline, your ears and your brain have to work harder to achieve the results for which your hearing aids were designed, meaning that they are no longer meeting their designed objective.

Audiology On Call sends our highly qualified and experienced hearing care professionals to your home, office, or place of business to test and fine-tune your hearing aids, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits they were designed to provide.

Most hearing aid users cannot detect the small performance changes that occur over the service life of their instruments. Consequently, the best way to ensure that you are receiving the most benefit from your device is to schedule a hearing aid tune-up.



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Factory Quality Cleaning


Factory Quality Cleaning

Our hearing care professional brings all of the necessary instruments and expertise to thoroughly and professionally clean your hearing aids. We use a specialized vacuum to remove wax and debris in those hard to reach places, as well as conduct thorough disinfection using specialized equipment. In addition to cleaning, we inspect your device for wax buid up. Keeping your device clean helps to ensure better overall performance as well as functional longevity.

Hearing Aid Performance Analysis


Hearing Aid Performance Analysis

To ensure that your hearing aids are performing as designed, our hearing care professional will conduct a listening test along with a diagnostic hearing assessment and a Real Ear Measurement. These performance analysis tests ensure that your devices are continuing to provide the necessary level of support for your specific level of hearing loss and the fit of your ear. We will email out the hearing evaluation and instrument performance results, so you will know how well they are performing. This information is essential for making repairs, adjustments, and support and replacement decisions.

Repair, Programming Adjustment, and Support


Repair, Programming Adjustment, and Support

If our hearing aid performance analysis determines that your devices need extra attention, our hearing professional will walk you through the repair, programming adjustment, and support programs we provide. In the event that replacement is the better option, our hearing care professional can discuss this with you and offer guidance and support in relation to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ahead of Your Hearing Aid Tune-Up

Q: Do I need to be present during the tune-up?

When our hearing care professional is providing factory cleaning and basic listening tests, you will not need to be present. However, you will have to be present during Real Ear Measurement and other performance evaluations, which will take about 90 minutes.

Q: Do I need to have my cleaning kit available for the tune-up?

No. Our professional has sophisticated, professional-grade cleaning and analysis equipment that goes beyond the cleaning kit you use for daily cleaning. However, you can rest assured that we won’t set up a hearing care clinic and repair shop in your house – all the equipment we need is carried in a single bag.

Q: What about COVID protocols and the safety of equipment?

Safety is critical to us. Our specialist will wear a surgical mask and gloves throughout the visit. The equipment we use throughout the process is thoroughly sanitized before and after each appointment.

Q: Is a tune-up expensive?

When it comes to receiving all of the benefits for which your hearing aids were designed, optimized performance is priceless. Compared to the overall price of replacing damaged hearing aids due to neglect, a professional hearing aid “tune-up” is considerably less expensive. We offer our professional hearing aid tune-ups for $195 with no hidden or additional fees.

Q: What if I just need a clean and check?

If you simply require a clean and check our team can offer this service for $150.  This price includes a factory quality clean, where we thoroughly and professionally clean your hearing devices and inspect them for any wear and visual cerumen impact.  Our clean and check service can help prolong the life of your device and keep them in the best possible working order.

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