Hearing Aid Repairs


Offering Hearing Aid Repairs Across Atlanta for Many Manufacturers and Models

Hearing aids, for many people, act as an armor of confidence, giving them the tool to engage in conversation and access an array of sounds.

It can be highly disruptive when they stop working or underperform for long periods, halting their progress in both their ear health and social skills.

As hearing care experts, we understand the difficulties of being in this scenario and make it our greatest endeavor to ensure this doesn’t happen.

While your hearing aid is in for repair, we also offer a loaner service, ensuring you are never excluded from optimum hearing!

The Loaner Service

While your hearing aid is in for repair, we also offer a loaner service, ensuring you are never excluded from optimum hearing!

Whilst our loaner devices may not be exactly the same as the ones you know and love we can certainly offer a close alternative while we take care of yours.

To ensure you are without your own hearing devices for as little time as possible, if we do have to ship back to the manufacturer for more complex repairs we use services such as Fedex and UPS so we can guarantee the shortest wait time possible.

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Hearing Aid Repair

Our Mobile Service Means You Can Access Expert Assistance and Support from the Comfort of Your Own Home!

The team at Audiology on Call can take a look into your hearing aid and identify what is causing its blockage while offering you professional tips and advice, ensuring you understand what is causing it to stop functioning properly.

As we travel to you, it allows us to test your hearing in your natural environment. So, you can put your feet up and relax!

Prices start from $150 for a ‘clean and check’, $195 for a ‘tune-up’, and can go into the hundreds of dollars for more in-depth repairs depending on the age of the instrument and whether the device is out of warranty. Our team assesses on an individual basis the cost of the repair to ensure we give our customers the best price possible, for example, if we can replace a receiver on-site, it may only cost $125.

Our service caters for Phonak, ReSound, Widex, Signia, Starkey, Unitron, and Oticon.

Backed by years of experience, our friendly team is trained to deal with any of your concerns and may be able to offer repairs on many manufacturers and models of hearing aids.

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