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Meet Stephany Sun, Au.D., CCC-A

*Dr. Sun is no longer seeing patients as she is pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher. Please contact us to speak with another member of our team.

Dr. Stephany Sun, Au.D. – Former Top Producing Factory Rep and Doctor of Audiology for the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world.

Dr. Sun is the foremost expert in the selection of and fitting of amplification and assistive devices for the treatment of hearing loss. She uses the most advanced fitting strategies and hearing aid technology to ensure optimal speech understanding while improving user comfort and minimizing distracting background noise. There is no professional in the community with a higher level of expertise in these areas than Dr. Sun.

She earned her Doctorate of Audiology from Salus University in 2007 and is a proud graduate of both UGA and Ole Miss. Dr. Sun has been serving the Atlanta area for over 15 years.

“Why Did I Become An Audiologist?”

I’ve been asked that several times through the years. To be honest, I love the technology. I started off majoring in speech language pathology but found that I loved my hearing science and audiology courses way more than SLP classes.

I loved all the testing equipment, the hearing aids and yes, the gadgets that audiologists used to help improve the lives of the hearing impaired. And how the technology has changed over the years! With every launch, hearing devices keep getting better.

I love learning about all the improvements the different manufacturers keep making over previous models. I picked an industry that continues to evolve and deliver the sounds of life to our customers.

My journey as an audiologist started out in the medical setting of an Ear, Nose and Throat physician’s office. I stayed there for 5 years before heading out to work for Phonak Hearing Systems which is a leading manufacturer of hearing devices. While there, I traveled all over the southeast teaching people about our products and how to use them better.

I always wanted to fit the best products on everyone but unfortunately wasn’t always able to due to finances. After 9 years with Phonak, I started my own clinic where I was finally able to put great devices on any patient that came through our doors. We tried our best to get people help no matter their financial situation.

We even financed in-house if the person couldn’t get approved through a more traditional means. That made me very nervous at first because we still had to pay our invoices even if the aids weren’t going to be paid for a long time. But it worked and we were able to help people that had been told no at other hearing centers.

That set us apart. But good things come to an end – we sold our business to a larger entity due to rising insurance costs, reimbursement, etc. All things that a bigger entity is better equipped to handle.

I was working for the corporation that bought us when the pandemic hit and everything halted. To be safe, our patients were not coming in and I was furloughed and eventually left employment with that company.

While on furlough, several of my previous patients would call me for assistance and I would go to their home to see them. I would clean ears, clean hearing aids and program the devices as necessary. I didn’t charge any of these initial patients but I did take their advice to start a service and that’s when the idea of Audiology On Call was born.

Together, with Jenna and Kelli, we developed this business of home hearing care to help fill the needs of our patients and future patients during this troubling time of staying at home. For some people, it has been wonderfully helpful.

For instance, I saw a patient with advanced ALS who has to have an ambulance take him to any doctor’s appointments. Now, I go to him. Also, people who need help getting to their audiologist appointments don’t have to rely on a ride.

I see them in their home at their convenience. I feel that we’re filling a gap in our industry and helping people with their hearing health in a new, more convenient way.

Why People Choose Dr. Stephany Sun

Teresa posing with her dog in wooded area

‘Don’t wait too long. Call Stephany and let her help.’ – Teresa’s Story.

Teresa’s unfortunate timeline of hearing loss concerns began in 1980, when she was first diagnosed with tinnitus.

While she did make a great first step in approaching several ENT practices, it wasn’t enough to get to the direct root of the problem.

Looking back on her hearing aid mishaps, she recalls the moment she received her first set of hearing aids which, Teresa jokes, “sounded like I was talking through a Mr. Microphone toy.”

It wasn’t until she came across Stephany a few years later when she noticed how much of a difference proper testing made to her hearing.

She explains, “We talked and talked and talked. Then, she started the testing. And I went through a series of different tests, people speaking words, noise in the background, you name it. And then she tested me with some hearing aids in my ear.

And it was like, wow, I can’t even tell you how long I was there.

“But she knew exactly what I needed and what was going to help keep me … so I could get used to my voice with these hearing aids.”

It’s true that Teresa has received a lifetime of unfortunate hearing loss mishaps, but her treatment at Audiology on Call highlighted just how important it is to see a licensed specialist who truly cares.

Stephany worked through a combination of methods to outline the degree of her hearing loss, making sure she was comfortable every step of the way.

“I just adore her, she’s wonderful. She’s made such a difference to my hearing. She’s just great,” Teresa explains.

The highlight of Teresa’s service with Audiology on Call was the ability to be treated inside her own home, which she confirms made her feel comfortable and safe, adding,

“She’s been vaccinated, she wears the mask, she brought in hand sanitizer, cleaning cloths, and all of that.

“She’s taking all of the precautions, not just for herself but for her patients. I think it’s very important.”

Although it took Teresa a while to effectively treat her hearing loss, she doesn’t want others to follow the same path. She has one simple message for those in the same position as her,

“Please, go ahead and do it. Don’t delay. The longer you wait, the harder it is, and the more isolated in some ways you become.

“Like I said, you don’t want to be involved in conversations, because you have to ask everybody to repeat.

“And then, everybody gets tired of it, gets tired of having to talk and raise their voices and just repeat, repeat, because I got that. I wish I had found her several years sooner.”


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The Four Big Reasons to Choose Audiology on Call

#1 – Concierge Style Hearing Care, Delivering Ultimate Convenience

In today’s world, nobody wants to sit in busy waiting rooms or travel across town to receive high levels of hearing care.

‘Audiology on Call’ was developed to allow Atlanta to receive the highest levels of audiological care at their convenience, with a local hearing care expert traveling to your home, office or place of work to deliver the most convenient hearing healthcare in Georgia.

Why would you do it any other way?

#2 – Lower Overheads Mean That You Benefit from Significant Savings

As our team does not have a central office and all the associated costs, you’re able to benefit from those savings, allowing you to step into better hearing and receive advanced audiological care for significantly less than you would be expected to pay elsewhere.

This means that you can benefit from not only great technology, but huge expertise from a team of experts that have helped thousands of local people to achieve better hearing.

#3 – Transparent & Honest … Nothing to Hide

Whereas many hearing care practices have confusing pricing packages, bundles of services that result in you paying for things that you don’t need and very little transparency to what you’re actually paying for … we’re different.

Not only are our treatment plans and packages simple, but by collectively helping tens of thousands of people to achieve better hearing, we’ve been able to develop a process that is both convenient for you and delivers the best long-term results.

#4 - The Safest Way to Receive Audiological Care

With safety being paramount, Audiology on Call allows you to receive the highest levels of audiological care without having to visit busy offices, spend time around multiple other people or travel across town.

Instead, one of our experts will travel to you wearing safety equipment, ensuring you remain safe at all times, delivering ultimate convenience and safety.

How Dr. Stephany Sun Can Help

Hearing Assessment


When Was Your Last Hearing Assessment?

Although we all regularly have our teeth checked, an annual physical, and a regular eye test, hardly any of us regularly test our hearing.

Yet with 1 in 8 of us having some form of hearing loss and the World Health Organization predicting that hearing loss will double by 2050, isn’t it about time that you started to also regularly test your hearing?

Hearing assessments are quick, non-invasive, and you receive the results immediately. Best of all, with Audiology on Call’s concierge approach, you can receive your hearing test without leaving your home.

Hearing Aid Fitting


Small, Discreet, and Almost Invisible Hearing Technology

Hearing technology has dramatically progressed from the old, clunky devices that many people have a stigma toward, with today’s technology being small, discreet, and hardly noticeable.

In fact, many of our patients tell us that their friends, loved ones, or colleagues have not even noticed that they’re wearing hearing aids!

With honest, transparent, and simple pricing, you can achieve better hearing with access to great technology for significantly less than you’ll find elsewhere.

Hearing Assessments at home


Ensuring Your Hearing Devices Are Performing to Their Best

Over time, the performance of your hearing aids can decrease, yet due to the slow and gradual decline, it can be almost impossible for you to notice. That’s why having your devices regularly cleaned, maintained, and optimized is so important.

If you’re an existing hearing aid wearer, then you can benefit from Audiology on Call’s “Tune-Up” – this is where one of our experts will come to your home, office, or place of work and professionally clean, check, and carry out any preventive measures for a small fixed fee.

This will ensure your devices are working to the best of their abilities, you protect your investment, and you continue to hear the life that you love.

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