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Celebrating 30 Year of Ears 1993-2023

Celebrating 30 Year of Ears 1993-2023

Meet Kelli Smith, Au.D.

Meet Dr. Kelli G. Smith, an experienced audiologist who has been helping people with hearing impairments in the Greater North Fulton area since 1995. Dr. Smith has a passion for improving her patients’ lives through better hearing, and she uses a combination of science, technology, and intellectual creativity to find the best hearing solutions for each individual. With extensive experience in prescribing and fitting hearing instruments and assistive listening devices, Dr. Smith listens carefully to her patients’ concerns and needs to help them achieve better hearing.

After spending over 14 years with Audiological Consultants of Atlanta in the Roswell office, Dr. Smith started her own company and joined forces with Audiology On Call in October 2020. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Science and Disorders from the University of Montevallo and a Master’s Degree in Audiology from the University of South Carolina. She later completed her clinical Doctorate of Audiology degree from Arizona School of Health Sciences in 2005.

Dr. Smith is licensed by the State of Georgia as an Audiologist, and she is a member of several professional organizations, including the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (ADA), and the Georgia Academy of Audiology (GAA); in 2012 Dr. Smith was awarded Honors of the Association for outstanding service to GAA.

Her passion for helping people extends beyond her work as an audiologist. She is a volunteer with the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue group and has previously attended pet therapy visits with her dog, Lulabelle, through the Happy Tails Pet Therapy group. She is committed to giving back, and a portion of every hearing aid sale is donated to the Angels Among Us Pet Rescue group.

I Became An Audiologist To Help People

Dr Kelli Smith talking with female patient at a table
Recognizing the need for hearing healthcare services outside of the traditional office setting, Dr. Smith is a founding member of this unique home-based Audiology company. This allows her to provide high-quality hearing healthcare services to patients in the comfort of their own homes, including those with mobility issues or other health conditions. We have the technology and equipment that will allow us to come into your home and perform the same thorough hearing tests and hearing aid fittings with verification that we have used in the office setting. By keeping overhead costs low, Dr. Smith can pass on savings to patients and offer special pricing to senior communities.

At Audiology On Call, Dr. Smith makes it easy, safe, and convenient to receive hearing healthcare by coming to you. This also eliminates the need of having to rely on others for transportation to and from appointments.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality hearing healthcare services, regardless of their circumstances.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Smith, call (833) 244-3275 x3 or email kelli@audiologyoncall.com. You may also visit our webpage www.audiologyoncall.com or check out our social media pages. Dr. Smith is committed to serving you and our community with compassion, expertise, and care.


“Please allow me the pleasure of introducing you to Kelli Smith Au.D. I have known Dr. Smith both personally and professionally for six years.

You will find Dr. Smith to be a very professional, responsible, and trustworthy individual. Just as important is her very kind, compassionate, and caring spirit. She offers her support in an unobtrusive manner – working behind the scenes to lend support and guidance to many. She does not look for accolades but simply moves through each day lending a caring heart and hand. Her heartfelt passion to assist the hearing impaired and her unrelenting work ethic are unmatchable.

Dr. Smith’s commitment to expanding awareness on hearing loss and her volunteerism in her community is something that I admire and I believe she will prove to be an asset to both individuals and families as they may face a challenging time.”

Melissa C.

A Portion Of Every Hearing Aid Sale Is Donated To Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

kelli and her dog lulabelle sitting on a bench

With animal welfare being a huge passion of mine, I’ve been a long-term admirer, donor, and volunteer for Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, currently overseeing their dog Adoption Customer Service team.

They are real-life heroes that are dedicated to saving cats and dogs from high-risk situations throughout Georgia and having seen the work they do firsthand, I am inspired by their resourcefulness, care, and dedication.

They also helped me to meet somebody very special in my life in 2015, my beautiful dog, Lulabelle, for whom I’m eternally grateful!

The biggest challenge that they have is as a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, they operate through a network of volunteers and foster homes in the metro Atlanta area.

This means that the only way that they can continue to save the hundreds of cats and dogs that they do each year is through donations.

That’s why, for every hearing aid purchase that you make, a portion is donated to this wonderful charity.

You’re able to address a hearing challenge, become one of my private patients, and have peace of mind knowing that your decision has gone on to help local animals in need.

A Big Thank You to The Vineyard At John’s Creek for Hosting Our Webinar

Dr. Kelli Smith was joined by one of their Community Partners, Vineyard, Assisted Living and Memory Care, to discuss hearing loss, prevention, and treatments available in hearing healthcare.

With National Awareness Month passing us by, Dr. Kelli Smith discussed the hidden risks of hearing loss, including the impact the pandemic had on those hard of hearing and how the use of face masks uncovered issues for those who didn’t expect it.

Using her extensive knowledge and experience, Dr. Kelli Smith describes what she has learned over the years and why Audiology on Call remains the region’s most trusted hearing healthcare clinic in Atlanta.

From the causes of hearing loss to the truth about hearing aids, she discusses everything you need to know, ensuring patients can make more informed decisions when it comes down to investing in technology.

“I have been a patient of Dr. Kelli Smith for 15 years and developed a friendship with her that I treasure. We have shared laughter and tears over the years and she has always gone above and beyond to find an answer to whatever problem I had. She is so kind, understanding and caring.

The convenience of her bringing her business to your front door is beyond great! You schedule an appointment and she arrives exactly on time with her equipment, and a big smile! This saves you from driving in traffic, parking, possibly bad weather conditions, etc. I highly recommend Dr. Smith!”

Paula B.

Have A Question? Want To Speak To Kelli?

kelli@audiologyoncall.com (833) 244-3275

Kelli Regularly Visits:

These are some of the senior communities that I have partnered with to provide services.
Ask if your community would like to become a partner!

Why People Choose Dr. Kelli Smith

How Do We Carry Out Hearing Tests at Home?

Dr. Kelli Smith explains how the hearing care professionals at Audiology on Call carry out comprehensive hearing assessments from the comfort of your own home.

The Four Big Reasons to Choose Audiology on Call

#1 – Concierge Style Hearing Care, Delivering Ultimate Convenience

In today’s world, nobody wants to sit in busy waiting rooms or travel across town to receive high levels of hearing care.

‘Audiology on Call’ was developed to allow Atlanta to receive the highest levels of audiological care at their convenience, with a local hearing care expert traveling to your home, office or place of work to deliver the most convenient hearing healthcare in Georgia.

Why would you do it any other way?

#2 – Lower Overheads Mean That You Benefit from Significant Savings

As our team does not have a central office and all the associated costs, you’re able to benefit from those savings, allowing you to step into better hearing and receive advanced audiological care for significantly less than you would be expected to pay elsewhere.

This means that you can benefit from not only great technology, but huge expertise from a team of experts that have helped thousands of local people to achieve better hearing.

#3 – Transparent & Honest … Nothing to Hide

Whereas many hearing care practices have confusing pricing packages, bundles of services that result in you paying for things that you don’t need and very little transparency to what you’re actually paying for … we’re different.

Not only are our treatment plans and packages simple, but by collectively helping tens of thousands of people to achieve better hearing, we’ve been able to develop a process that is both convenient for you and delivers the best long-term results.

#4 - The Safest Way to Receive Audiological Care

With safety being paramount, Audiology on Call allows you to receive the highest levels of audiological care without having to visit busy offices, spend time around multiple other people or travel across town.

Instead, one of our experts will travel to you wearing safety equipment, ensuring you remain safe at all times, delivering ultimate convenience and safety.

How Dr. Kelli Smith Can Help

Hearing Assessment

When Was Your Last Hearing Assessment?

Although we all regularly have our teeth checked, an annual physical, and a regular eye test, hardly any of us regularly test our hearing.

Yet with 1 in 8 of us having some form of hearing loss and the World Health Organization predicting that hearing loss will double by 2050, isn’t it about time that you started to also regularly test your hearing?

Hearing assessments are quick, non-invasive, and you receive the results immediately. Best of all, with Audiology on Call’s concierge approach, you can receive your hearing test without leaving your home.

Hearing Aid Fitting

Small, Discreet, and Almost Invisible Hearing Technology

Hearing technology has dramatically progressed from the old, clunky devices that many people have a stigma toward, with today’s technology being small, discreet, and hardly noticeable.

In fact, many of our patients tell us that their friends, loved ones, or colleagues have not even noticed that they’re wearing hearing aids!

With honest, transparent, and simple pricing, you can achieve better hearing with access to great technology for significantly less than you’ll find elsewhere.

Hearing assessments at home

Ensuring Your Hearing Devices Are Performing to Their Best

Over time, the performance of your hearing aids can decrease, yet due to the slow and gradual decline, it can be almost impossible for you to notice. That’s why having your devices regularly cleaned, maintained, and optimized is so important.

If you’re an existing hearing aid wearer, then you can benefit from Audiology on Call’s “Tune-Up” – this is where one of our experts will come to your home, office, or place of work and professionally clean, check, and carry out any preventive measures for a small fixed fee.

This will ensure your devices are working to the best of their abilities, you protect your investment, and you continue to hear the life that you love.

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