Audiology On Call, Your Hearing Care Professionals Share the Benefits of The New Auracast Hearing Aids

If you or anybody you know suffers from hearing loss, you know that it can be a significant inconvenience. Struggling to hear conversations with loved ones or co-workers creates frustration and isolation. Traditional hearing aids offer some help, but they can have limitations. However, with the new Auracast Bluetooth Hearing Aids, hearing aid wearers can enjoy hearing better than ever. Audiology On Call, the hearing aids professionals for Atlanta, offer insights on why Auracast may be a good fit for those with hearing loss.


What Makes Auracast Different?

What makes the Auracast Hearing Aids different from previous hearing aids is its new form of Bluetooth LE Audio that uses the LC3 codec trademarked by Auracast. This is a much better quality of Bluetooth capability in that it compresses the audio at a much lower bit rate than ever experienced before by Bluetooth hearing aid users and has much less “degradation” of audio quality.


Auracast Streaming of Audio

Another revolutionary feature of Auracast is its broadcast streaming capability. This feature enables the multiple hearing aid wearers to connect through one single audio stream to other electronic devices like smartphones, televisions, and computers. Previously, streaming was only available via a hearing loop through a telecoil. This previous technology has been expensive and difficult to use.

The Auracast Hearing Aids use the new LE Audio Bluetooth streaming that is much less expensive and offers a much better quality of sound streaming. It transmits sound from paired devices directly to the user’s ear. This feature reduces background noise interference and provides clearer sounds.

Hearing aid wearers can now benefit from the Auracast hearing aids in several ways.


Here are some of the benefits of the Auracast hearing aids:

  • Streaming audio directly to the hearing aids, thus reducing background noise.
  • Simultaneous connection to multiple devices without losing audible quality.
  • It requires far less battery usage, and automatic battery charging can be performed when the hearing aids are in their charging case.
  • Phone calls can be answered and placed directly from the hearing aids.
  • Durability and water resistance make the devices wearable under most conditions.

The Auracast Bluetooth hearing aids allow users to experience a better quality of life by enabling them to conversate and interact without barriers.


Is Auracast Available?

Auracast, like many new technologies, is just starting to break through onto the audio technology scene and has yet to be widely available. The ReSound NEXIA hearing aids are the first fully Auracast-ready hearing aids on the market. However, with the benefits of the Auracast technology and its predicted cost feasibility, many professionals foresee this making a quick breakthrough into the hearing aid market.


Addressing Hearing Loss With A Hearing Assessment

Hearing loss is the third leading chronic physical condition in the United States, and many people experience it without knowing they have it. The signs of hearing loss include:

  • Struggling to hear conversations in public places.
  • Difficulty hearing background noise.
  • Frequently asking people to repeat themselves.
  • Watching television at high volumes.

Getting a hearing assessment is crucial if you suspect that you or someone you know suffers from hearing loss. A hearing assessment determines the severity of the hearing loss. It helps hearing care professionals develop solutions that cater to an individual’s needs.

A hearing assessment involves a consultation with an audiologist or hearing care professional, a physical ear examination, hearing tests, and hearing aid prescriptions (if applicable). With a hearing assessment from Audiology On Call, patients experiencing hearing loss will receive personalized advice on managing their hearing. They can be outfitted with hearing aids that match their lifestyle.


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