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Hearing loss makes everyday life difficult, and the challenges only increase during the holiday season. If you notice your loved one struggling with hearing loss, you may wonder how to navigate that discussion and encourage your loved one to seek treatment. Since families get together and support each other during the holidays, you can make getting hearing aids a festive occasion instead of a chore. Audiology on Call, your professionals in audiology in Roswell, GA, put together some ways to support your loved one getting hearing aids this holiday season.


Approaching the Conversation

audiology-roswell-ga-conversationDo you notice that you constantly repeat yourself around your loved one or do they constantly turn up the TV? These signs and more indicate hearing loss. Your loved one might be unaware of their hearing loss or they may resist treatment. When approaching this discussion, understand the perspective of your loved one and show them the benefits of treatment. You can bring up these points:

  1. Staying in the Loop

With the holidays coming up, your loved one probably has many plans for family gatherings and events. If they struggle to hear, holiday events go from fun and exciting to stressful and isolating. Talk to your loved one about how hearing aids can help them fully participate in family events. After the holidays, hearing aids allow your loved one to keep in touch through phone calls or video conferences.

  1. Health Benefits

Hearing aids bring other health benefits besides improved hearing. The ability to properly hear decreases the risk of cognitive decline since processing what people say helps the brain cells stay active. This means hearing aids will help your loved one keep their independence.

  1. New Technology

New technology makes hearing aids easier than ever to use. Modern-day hearing aids look and feel discreet so that your loved one and others will hardly notice them. Many are rechargeable, which eliminates the need for batteries. Some can even connect to your phone using Bluetooth. The user can control the hearing aids with an app and stream music and calls through the hearing aid. Bluetooth hearing aids allow specialists to control them remotely, so your loved one’s needs won’t impact travel plans.

The idea of hearing aids might intimidate your loved one, but technological advances make the transition easy and comfortable. Explain that learning to use a hearing aid is much easier than living with untreated hearing loss.

Make it Holiday Time

Getting hearing treatment for your loved one doesn’t have to be a chore. Audiology on Call sends a specialist in audiology right to your Roswell, GA home. Say goodbye to driving through traffic and sitting in a waiting room. You can stay with your loved one through the entire appointment and ask the specialist questions about treatment options.

Since you and your loved one get to stay home, spend holiday time together while waiting for the specialist. Bake cookies, put up holiday decorations or decorate the Christmas tree. This will show support to your loved one and help them feel at ease when the specialist arrives.

Help Cover the Costs

audiology-roswell-ga-giftDuring the holiday season, many people struggle to find a gift their loved ones will appreciate and use. If hearing aids present a financial burden to your loved one, help cover the cost as a Christmas gift. You will give them the gift of hearing, which brings with it all the benefits previously discussed. Your loved one will appreciate this gift and reap the benefits every single day. The joy on your loved one’s face as they participate in gatherings will show the wonders of this gift. The rest of your family will be glad they can easily include your loved one in events.

Audiology Specialists in Roswell

If your loved one could benefit from hearing aids, have them go through an assessment from Audiology on Call. Audiology on Call serves Roswell and other parts of Metro Atlanta with a mobile audiology service that offers professional in-home care. Audiology on Call also offers low overheads that give patients significant savings. Contact Us Now to Schedule a Hearing Assessment or Call Us Now at (833) 244-3275 to schedule your appointment today.


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