Audiology On Call, Audiology Specialists For Roswell, Ga Wish You A Happy Thanksgiving!

The long-awaited Thanksgiving celebration is just around the corner. For many families, this time of year means that everyone is back together again to celebrate, catch up, and enjoy some delicious turkey with all the trimmings. As special as holiday reunions can be, they can also be challenging for family members that struggle with hearing loss. No family member should feel like they are missing out on making memories just because their hearing is not what it used to be. If your family has a loved one affected by hearing loss. Audiology on Call, the audiology professionals of Roswell, Ga can help guide you through making Thanksgiving more comfortable for your hearing-challenged loved ones.


Speak Clearly and Not Too Fast

audiology-roswell-ga-friendsA big part of coping with hearing loss is to recognize facial cues. It is important for the whole family to keep this in mind when making a conversation around a family member that does not hear as well as everyone else. It is easy to get carried away in multiple conversations and quick turnover of topics when the whole family is trying to catch up with each other.

For your loved one, who is struggling to hear, this can be overwhelming and exhausting for them to follow. Additionally, it can leave them feeling left out when conversations move too quickly for them to understand.

A great way to prevent this situation is to go around the table and let everyone have their chance to share what they have been up to lately. This way your loved one with impaired hearing can focus on one conversation at a time and easily ask for clarification when needed. If the whole family can put in the effort to slow down a bit you can ensure meaningful conversation for everyone at the table.


Audiology Experts of Roswell, Ga Tips For Your Holiday

Take Time for One-on-One Conversations


Another challenge your hearing-impaired family member may be facing is the inability to converse with everyone they would like. While dinner table conversations are a big part of Thanksgiving, they can leave your loved one feeling defeated if they are struggling to hear. Making a point to have one-on-one conversations is a great way to make them feel included. This is perfect for the beginning of the Thanksgiving celebration when everyone is arriving, and the food is still being prepared.

Encourage all guests to make their rounds with everyone in the family! Not only is this a great way to share intimate stories but it gives everyone a chance to have meaningful conversations. After all, that is what Thanksgiving with the family is all about.


Have Everyone Write Down What They Are Thankful For

The best part of Thanksgiving is paying homage to the reason for celebrating. Having everyone write down what they are thankful for is a timeless Thanksgiving activity and great for the whole family to participate in. Even more so, for family members with hearing impairments. This activity serves as a great reminder that everyone’s feelings are important even when they are simply written down.

Have all your guests write down one to three things they are thankful for on an index card. After everyone is full of turkey and pie, the whole family can gather around to read out loud what they wrote. This gives everyone a chance to speak while having the rest of the family’s undivided attention. For someone with hearing challenges feeling heard is always something they will be thankful for.


Encourage Your Hearing Challenged Guests to Take Care of Their Hearing


Thanksgiving is only the start of the holiday season. Struggling to hear should not keep anyone from being able to enjoy this fun-filled time of year. Therefore, it is so important to encourage loved ones that are affected by hearing loss to consult with a professional. And now is the perfect time while family is close to make them feel more comfortable and open to having their hearing evaluated.

Audiology on Call, serving Roswell, Georgia, and the Metro Atlanta area is a convenient solution for obtaining professionally assessed hearing care. Our mobile audiology service gives patients easy access to in-home visits from knowledgeable and experienced team members.

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