As a new member of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, it is our honor to be welcomed as a part of this fantastic business and service-driven organization. We are excited about what opportunities await and feel that we can impact this area by giving back and connecting with the community.

About The Greater North Fulton Chamber:

The Greater North Fulton Chamber comprises over 1,200 member organizations. It serves the greater North Fulton region encompassing the six cities of North Fulton: Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Milton, Mountain Park, Roswell, and Sandy Springs.

About Audiology On Call and Dr. Smith

Audiology On Call was born out of the necessities for audiological services outside of a traditional office setting. After a cancer diagnosis within her family, Dr. Kelli Smith saw first-hand the challenges of getting a loved one ready to travel to an in-office appointment. With many of Dr. Smith’s patients being elderly and suffering from other health and mobility issues, launching a hearing aid testing in fitting service that delivers care direct to the patient in their homes was a no-brainer. Since its founding, Dr. Smith and Audiology On Call have served a number of patients in assisted living communities and patients suffering from mobility issues in which the traditional office setting would be a challenging venture. Dr. Smith hopes that by making audiological care more accessible and convenient, she reaches patients who would have otherwise let their hearing loss go unaddressed. When left untreated, hearing loss often leads to more severe problems. Hearing loss is linked to depression, anger, frustration, isolation, and even more severe cognitive issues such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Are you or a loved one suffering from hearing loss? Interested parties are invited to visit for more information. Dr. Smith proudly services Alpharetta, Roswell, Milton, Cumming, John’s Creek, and Sandy Springs and can be contacted directly at (833) 244-3275.

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