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In today’s world, nobody wants to sit in busy waiting rooms, needlessly travel across town, or put themselves in situations where they’re surrounded by strangers.

This means that addressing your hearing challenges or receiving help with your existing hearing devices has never been more inconvenient.

Yet with face masks resulting in our hearing being challenged like never before, there has never been a more important time to ensure your hearing is working to its best.

Audiology on Call is a group of three of Atlanta’s most trusted audiological experts that joined forces because they knew that there was a better way to deliver hearing care.

Through affordable, concierge-style hearing care, you’re able to receive advanced hearing assessments, support, and help from the comfort of your home by having a trusted hearing care expert travel to you.

With transparent and honest pricing, a team of recognized local professionals, and the highest levels of safety protocols, your preferences remain the number one priority through your journey to better hearing.

How Atlanta’s Hearing Care Experts Can Help

Hearing Assessment


When Was Your Last Hearing Assessment?

Although we all regularly have our teeth checked, an annual physical, and a regular eye test, hardly any of us regularly test our hearing.

Yet with 1 in 8 of us having some form of hearing loss and the World Health Organization predicting that hearing loss will double by 2050, isn’t it about time that you started to also regularly test your hearing?

Hearing assessments are quick, non-invasive, and you receive the results immediately. Best of all, with Audiology on Call’s affordable, concierge approach, you can receive your hearing test without leaving your home.

Hearing Aid Fitting


Small, Discreet, and Almost Invisible Hearing Technology

Hearing technology has dramatically progressed from the old, clunky devices that many people have a stigma toward, with today’s technology being small, discreet, and hardly noticeable.

In fact, many of our patients tell us that their friends, loved ones, or colleagues have not even noticed that they’re wearing hearing aids!

With honest, transparent, and simple pricing, you can achieve better hearing with access to great technology for significantly less than you’ll find elsewhere.

Hearing Assessments at home


Ensuring Your Hearing Devices Are Performing to Their Best

Over time, the performance of your hearing aids can decrease, yet due to the slow and gradual decline, it can be almost impossible for you to notice. That’s why having your devices regularly cleaned, maintained, and optimized is so important.

If you’re an existing hearing aid wearer, then you can benefit from Audiology on Call’s “Tune-Up” – this is where one of our experts will come to your home, office, or place of work and professionally clean, check, and carry out any preventive measures for a small fixed fee.

This will ensure your devices are working to the best of their abilities, you protect your investment, and you continue to hear the life that you love.

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Meet Your Mobile Experts

Stephany Sun, Au.D., CCC-A

Stephany Sun, Au.D., CCC-A

Dr. Stephany Sun, Au.D. - Former Top Producing Factory Rep and Doctor of Audiology for the largest manufacturer of hearing aids in the world.

Jenna Ahdaya, HIS

Jenna Ahdaya, HIS

Jenna Ahdaya is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist that has been working in the industry since 2016. She was trained in clinic under Dr. Sun for 2.5 years before....

Kelli Smith, Au.D., FAAA

Kelli Smith, Au.D., FAAA

Dr. Kelli G. Smith is an Audiologist that has been helping thousands of hearing-impaired people in the Greater North Fulton area improve their lives through better hearing since 1995.

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